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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blue Plate Special

Hi everyone.

OK, so my sister's blog titles have inspired me to try to come up with more catchy, perhaps corny, titles too!

I will always love blue and white decor. I was gifted three antique blue and white plates by my mother which have hung in my kitchen in a vertical display for quite a while. I recently bought a fourth blue and white plate and moved the collection over the kitchen window in a horizontal display. I think it looks great. The three plates on the left are from Mom and the one on the right is the one I bought. It has a very tiny chip, but you can't even see it unless you look closely.
Here are close ups of the plates. The plate on the far left is a flow blue plate, meaning the blue is "flowing" into the white of the plate.
Plates are a very easy item to collect and display. Although some can be pricey, other single plates can be found at a flea market for around one dollar each, since they are no longer part of a collection. Plates come in all colors and you can be sure to find a few that will match your decor too.
While my plates are hung with individual plate hangers, easy to find at a craft store, you might also like the plate racks available in home stores. I have seen plate racks in vertical and horizontal designs for two, three or four plates.
So why not try some plate art in your home? And please tell your friends about my blog.
Sincerely, Lynn

1 comment:

  1. I prefer to think of my titles as CREATIVE! haha I like the change to horizontal over the window. Draws the eyes UP! xoxo (for anyone wishing to view my catchy titles!)