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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Antique Furniture

In the current economic times, antique furniture is more popular than ever.  Not only is antique furniture beautiful, it is often available at far lower prices than new furniture.  It is also a great investment.  In years past, furniture makers crafted beautiful, high quality pieces that were made to last.  New furniture may not be of the same high quality construction as antique furniture.

These days, people are combining the old and the new to create beautiful eclectic\room designs.  There are many styles of antique furniture to fit the tastes of many different antique lovers such as Queen Anne, Federal style, Victorian, Mission/Arts and  Crafts, and many others.

Need a place to hang your jacket when you get home?  A beautiful old hall tree near the front door can fill the bill.

What about a dining room set?  Antique tables, chairs, china closets and side boards are readily available.  Just need a few more chairs for your current dining set?  Mix in several antique chairs.  If the fabric seat covers are worn or out of date, it is very easy to recover the seats with new upholstery fabric from your local fabric store that will combine beautifully with your decor.

In the bedroom, times have gravitated toward larger beds than in the past.  However, antique bedroom sets can still be used.  Place the full size headboard on the wall behind your queen bed.  Use the his and hers dressers from the antique set.  Or use an antique mirror in your bedroom.  Many styles of antique mirrors are available, often with beveled glass, at lower prices than for new mirrors.  How about an antique occasional table or washstand as a night stand by the bed.

In the living room, consider antique tables by the chairs and sofa.  An antique sofa or settee can be reupholstered to fit into your decor and the sturdy construction of the piece will last for years.  What about a rocking chair in that reading nook you have?

The most popular antique furniture pieces tend to be those that many people need, such as desks, chairs and dressers.  Smaller antique furniture pieces are extremely useful because they are easy to move around.

Please comment to share your ideas for using antique furniture for your lifestyle today.  I am always interested in new ideas for my home too.


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