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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Using Antique Mirrors


As I have been on my antiquing journies the past month, I have seen a wide variety of antique mirrors for sale.  A good mirror can give character to any room.  It can also reflect light around a small room to make it feel larger.  There are as many styles of mirrors as there are styles of furniture.  Antique mirrors are also readily available at flea markets and antique centers, often for less than you would pay for a new mirror.  While the mirror surface may have a few imperfections, this is part of the charm of an antique mirror.  If you find a mirror that is in really bad shape, but love the frame, it is possible to have a professional resilver the mirror for you.

This hall tree that I bought for my living room is placed by the door, since I have no entry hall.  I love the beveled glass mirror as well as the hanging hooks and storage bench.

Mirror frames do not need to match the furniture where they are used.  This gold painted carved mirror looks terrific over a cherry dresser with brass hardware.  Of course a cherry framed mirror also looks good, if your tastes tend to be more traditional.

How abour placing a small mirror near your door to check your reflection on your way out?  This mirror has a country white painted finish and is just the size for a narrow space next to a doorway.

This ia a beautiful oak framed mirror that would look great in any room.  You could use it in a room with other oak furnishings or in a room that just has furnishings with a similar wood tone.

This is another oak framed mirror, much simpler with the rectangular frame.  Either this mirror or the oak mirror above can be used in the same way.  Which mirror is used is all according to taste.  Some people prefer a simpler rectangular shape, while others prefer a more interesting curved shape.  If you use what you love, you will never be disappointed.

This is another rectangular mirror, though with a fabulous pine frame.

While the mirror shown below is new, it was placed in an antique shutter to create a terrific frame.  A hook was added as well.

I have shown you a number of antique mirrors that I absolutely love.  There are places for mirrors throughout a house.  The mirrors are available in a lot of different period styles, with wood frames, gold painted frames, and other types of frames.  They are also available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.  So, why not try using a beautiful antique mirror in your home?


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