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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vintage and More Valentine Decor

Hi everyone.

It is shaping up to be a beautiful day outside. I can't wait for spring!
For this Valentine's Day, I created a little vignette on the top of my china closet.
Valentine colors, for me, are all about red and white, with perhaps some pastels like peach, lavendar or pink. The vintage jar on the left is from Christmas, recycled to be used again. The jar on the right is all red and white.......ribbons, beads, shells, feathers, hearts, flowers, whatever you like will work.
Candles, of course.
This white ironstone pitcher is the same one I used for Christmas, with the same red bow, but red flowers instead of greens.

The table top scene is all set too.

A bird's nest, long since vacated by the birds, serves as a bowl for heart shaped, foil-wrapped chocolates!

Instead of a centerpiece, this vintage carrier is used to hold wine, glasses, napkins and flowers.

All it takes is a little imagination to use vintage items in unique ways in your home.
What did you do for your Valentine decor this year? Please comment to share your idease too.
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  1. Aunt Lynn- I LOVE what you did in this post!!! The birds nest was incredibly creative! And I especially love the vintage carrier you used to hold the table settings. Happy Hearts Day :-)

  2. Lynn, the decor with all the added red was beautiful! I miss the bright reds of Christmas, and love that Valentine's Day lets us add so much color again! Thanks for all the ideas...keep 'em coming! xoxo