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Monday, February 7, 2011

Vintage Carriers are Easily Repurposed

It's a bright sunny day for a change!

I wanted to share a couple of vintage carry boxes that I found recently. One is smaller with four compartments.

This carrier can easily be repurposed. I was thinking it would be a great centerpiece container for the dining room table. Someone I met at the shop where I bought it was thinking it would be a great wine rack on a counter or table. Use your own imagination as to how you could use a carrier such as this!

The other carrier I found is larger, with two compartments and an attached stand. This is only the second carrier I have seen with a stand. It was definitely hand made, though the stand appears newer to me than does the box itself. I thought this could be a great stand for small plants by a window, or a great table next to a chair, to collect remotes, books, or sewing projects.

Please comment to share your ideas on how these carriers might be used for today's lifestyle.

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