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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the Second Day of Vintage Christmas Decorating...

...I decorated the front porch!

Besides the wreath on the front door and front windows that I put up yesterday, I also brought one of the iron benches from the backyard onto the porch. This will work great as a place to put down packages I bring home from holiday shopping while I unlock the front door.

Then I set out my fave snowman. It is made of spare lumber by my brother-in-law and painted by my sister. It has been through many winter storms now and may even qualify as vintage. I have repaired his coal buttons and put his hat back on several times after the wind sent him flying. The wind really whips across the front of my house during the winter and especially during a NorEaster. Now I have him weighted down with a brick on each side of the base.

I also put out the one remaining sled I purchased and decorated for ME! I love how it looks on the front porch! This is the one true vintage piece I used to decorate the porch. I don't want to put other vintage items outside since my porch does not have a roof over it.

Next, I decided to add bows to the two window wreaths. Why didn't I think to do that yesterday? (Probably age activated ADD.)

LIGHTS! I need lights too! I started with plans to replace the bulb in the lamp on the front porch. Duh. Should have gotten to that sooner, but I don't have the right size bulb, so that will have to wait. Now that winter is here, there is not enough daylight to fill up the batteries on the solar path lights, so I really need the porch light. I did replace the bulb in the pole light by the driveway. Then I wrapped the pole in a garland and a string of multi-colored lights. It looks great. I also put a string of lights on the two wreaths on the front window, but am having trouble getting the string to light. Will work on that again tomorrow.

I found two terrific angel figures on stakes this year. They are painted tin, with jingle bells and I put them in the front yard in front of the porch.

What did you do to decorate your front porch this year? Please comment to share your ideas.

Sincerely, Lynn

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