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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Sled War


The vintage sleds I have in my antique shop have been very popular this Christmas season. I bought 2 sleds to start with that looked something like this one.

I decorated them for the holidays with artificial greens, ribbons and other decor items, similar to this one. I think they make great porch decorations!

When the first 2 sleds sold right away the weekend after Thanksgiving I looked for more sleds that I could decorate to sell. I got several more of the sleds shown above and this one antique sled below. I raised the prices a little bit for the vintage sleds. Of course, the antique sled has a much higher price. It is still for sale at the shop as of this week.

I also found these 2 painted sleds in pink and green and decorated them in the shabby chic style. I was surprised that the pink one sold right away, to a woman who has a pink tree for her daughter! As of this week, the green sled is still for sale at the shop.

When I spoke to the antique mall manager recently, she asked me for more of the unpainted vintage sleds, since she had seen 2 customers "fighting" over the last one I had left in my booth. Who would have thought these decorated sleds would be that popular?

I took in one more unpainted vintage sled and kept the last one for myself!

I will definitely keep my eyes open for more unpainted vintage sleds throughout the year for Christmas next year! I will also re-evaluate the price point for these sleds. It is really hard to know what price to charge until you see how different items sell.



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  1. Love the decorated sleds! I am not surprised they sold so quickly! I like the slightly smaller ones, they are so kid-friendly.