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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the Third Day of Vintage Christmas Decorating...

...I put out greens with my antiques, just as Mom always did when she was able to do so. My sister calls this "the greening of the house."

Just as there are many containers that may be used as vases, so too may they be used for Christmas greens, pinecones, ornaments, etc. If I had a mantle, I would definitely put greens and small antiques there for the holidays! I do havc an antique oak china closet, so I decorate the top of it as if it were a mantle. Here I have used my family heirloom antique ironstone pitcher to hold greens. Yesterday, just as I was walking the dog and wondering what greens to use, a large branch from the neighbor's pine tree dropped into my yard. The answer was evidently provided by God.

I also set out a vintage vignette on my coffee table. Here I have used antique yellow ware bowls to hold pincones and gold balls. I added a Ball jar of red balls, an old spool and my own vintage panda bear that I have had nearly all my life (and I am now 50 something). Minus his eyes and with a squashed in nose, I have kept him all these years. I also used a vintage reindeer votive holder that I found at a flea market.

How about stuffing a few greens behind a vintage mirror or picture frame? I love this look, just like Mom.

More ideas for "the greening of the house" will appear in a later post about incorporating vintage Christmas decor in every room of the house.

How do you use your vintage items in decorating the house? Post a comment to share your ideas!

Sincerely, Lynn

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  1. This is my favorite part!! Nothing gives the house a finished touch like adding the greens inside and out after decorating! My mom has her own holly bush in the yard, as well as several evergreen trees. Over the years they have gotten so big that she doesn't need to leave our yard to gather the greens! My favorite is the holly because the bright green leaves add such a pop to pine branches.