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Monday, January 24, 2011

Antiquing at Rinker's Antiques

Rinker's Antiques is in Brodheadsville, PA off of Route 209, not far from where my sister lives. I had never been there before and decided to check it out yesterday. The directions were great and I had no trouble finding the place. It was a bright sunny day, though extremely cold. When I got to the entrance sign for Rinker's, all I saw was a plowed, but still snow covered, one lane drive going steeply uphill and curving. I was glad that I now have an SUV! Once I made it up the hill, I found a large building jam packed with furniture! There was a lot of oak furniture and some Victorian and primitive pieces. The owner was there and said he refinishes most of the pieces himself before putting them up for sale. In the building's rafters were rows and rows of oak chair sets that had been refinished. This is a great place to find furniture, but if you are looking for small items, such as glassware, this is not the place for you.
I bought another old school desk for my shop, since the one I had was sold in December. I also found a very unique table! This vintage side table is in great condition.
The unique feature of this table is a secret hidden compartment! This is really cool. To open the compartment, you twist the table top in a clockwise direction and the compartment is revealed under the table top!

I love this table! I have never seen a table like this before.

I also loved a lot of the oak furniture there, including table and chair sets, dressers, hall trees, etc. I will definitely visit Rinker's again!

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