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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Valentine Candy Boxes

Hi everyone.

Part one of the Nor'Easter is in full force and is a peaceful white scene from the front door. The plow has not been by yet. The weatherman is calling for a change to rain this afternoon with part two of the snow coming this evening. In my area, 8-12 inches is predicted. This may be my first snow day off work.

With Valentine's Day soon approaching, I wanted to share a post from another blog that I follow by Antiques Galore Gal. Her post is about vintage Valentine candy boxes and includes some great photos. Please check it out with this link. I hope you enjoy her post!
Sincerely, Lynn


  1. Hey Lynn
    So glad you liked my island, I think it's my favorite build ever! :) There is a little story behind it that I didn't tell on my blog. The table belonged to my aunt, and she gave it to my mom..........she didn't have anywhere to put the table so she gave it to me. My aunt was tragically killed a few months afterward, so I knew I had to do something special with the table. An island was born. I know my aunt would be so excited to know her little table is being used every single day. :)
    Don't know about you, but I'm ready NOT to have any more snow! lol I live in KY and we've had snow just about every other day since the end of November. I'm ready for spring! :)
    Glad to meet you and hope you'll come back to my blog soon!