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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cobalt Blue Depression Glass


I have always loved the color of cobalt blue, especially in glassware.  Whether antique or reproduction, glass in this color just reaches out and grabs my attention like a little girl in a candy shop.  Daylight really shows off this color, like no other.  I have been collecting cobalt blue glass for many years and I still have the same reaction every time I see cobalt blue glass in a shop or magazine.  While some collectors are only interested in genuine articles, if cost is prohibitive, the reproduction pieces are also extremely beautiful.

Authentic cobalt blue depression glass was made in the 1930s and 1940s.  There are many pieces that are popular collectible items, though genuine pieces may be difficult to find in the cobalt blue color.  Several companies made depression glass in cobalt blue, though Hazel Atlas Glass Company manufactured the Moderntone and Royal Lace patterns that are favorites among collectors.  This is a cream and sugar set in the Moderntone pattern.

Collecting cobalt blue depression glass can be quite pricey, even for patterns that are not as well known as the Modertone and Royal Lace.

This is a chevron milk pitcher in cobalt blue.

Here is a nut or candy dish with its metal handle.  While many glass serving dishes are still available, it is difficult to find them with the metal handles they originally came with.

This refrigerator storage box in cobalt blue glass is relatively rare by comparison with refrigerator boxes in other colors.

As with any collectible, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Perhaps you love colored glass too, but in another color such as green, ruby, amber, or pink.

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