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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vintage Sleds for Holiday Decor


Do you remember sledding on a wooden sled, hanging on to the rope as you flew downhill?  I still love looking at the old wooden sleds I see at various antique venues.  It isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but I am excited about preparing for Christmas.  I actually must prepare early for Christmas in my shop.  This year I decided to buy several vintage sleds to decorate for the Christmas and winter seasons for my shop, Antiques for Today's Lifestyle, at Rosebush Antiques Mall in Levittown, PA.

So far, I found 3 sleds and have decorated 2 of them and placed them in my shop.  The one shown below sold in just 2 days!

Isn't it just beautiful!

The second sled is still at the shop and looks similar to the sled above, but with no rope and gold ribbons instead of red ribbons.

The third sled is the most "vintage" or worn of the bunch.  I will be decorating this sled to put in the booth this week too.  I think I will go with red ribbons again.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these vintage sleds.  Please comment on this post and let your friends know about my blog at



  1. I love the look of old sleds all dolled up for the season. I usually have a couple in my shop for the season too! Thanks for sharing...

  2. The snow is gonna be falling real soon! Those sleds are so cute on a porch or anywhere for that matter!

  3. I have a much larger sled that I also decorate with greens and a big red bow to stand by my entry door. Brings back fond memories of when we actually USED those sleds for more than decorating! The one I have was used on some huge hills by both my husband and my kids! Thanks for the Christmas preview....I am kicking into gear the day after Thanksgiving!