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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Christmas Ornaments from Vintage Items


A little ribbon and a couple of hooks and these lamp prisms from the flea market make fantastic Christmas tree ornaments. They really reflect the tree lights too! I found quite a few prisms in ruby, amber, cobalt blue, and clear colors, also in a variety of shapes.

Vintage cookie cutters in holiday shapes such as trees, stars, bells, reindeer, and gingerbread men and women also make great ornaments, with a little ribbon to hang them on a tree.

I also found some vintage keys at a flea market that make simple ornaments too.

Just the other day, I thought of hanging colored glass swizzle sticks on the Christmas tree too! I love colored glass, especially when it reflects the light. I used a little floral wire to wrap around the top of the swizzle stick and then form a loop above it where the hook can be attached.

I am sure there are quite a number of other vintage items that would also make fantastic Christmas tree ornaments. Please comment to let me know how you have used vintage items in your holiday decorating!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Lynn, I also hang chandelier prisms on our Christmas tree, but mine are clear. I like the ruby one you show. I'll be on the lookout for these now!