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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Accessorize with Vintage Blue and White


I have always loved the color combination of blue and white.  It reminds me of the sky, the ocean and sand, and beautiful flowers.  There are many vintage accessories and household items that were made in cobalt blue, white, or a combination of both, as well as more modern items in this popular color combination.  Bringing these cool colors into your home can be relaxing and invoke memories of the cool days spent outdoors.

Yesterday I went to Michaels and AC Moore to get some floral accents and ribbons to use with my vintage blue accessories.  It is fun to find different ways to arrange accessories to keep the look in your home fresh and interesting.

These photographs show a number of examples.

Mom always had a row of vintage white pitchers in graduated sizes on the top of her dry sink.  I love that look, but this shows my update of her traditional white pitcher display.

I have been collecting cobalt blue vases, in addition to my collection of cobalt blue bottles, and  there are many potential ways to display these items.

A grouping of candlesticks is also fun.  Just because manufacturers make candlesticks in pairs, does not mean you have to always use them in pairs!

How about filling a Ball style jar with blue and clear pebbles or marbles instead of the ever popular button-filled jar?

There are many antique china pieces in blue and white available at flea markets and antique centers.  Why not mix some of these with basic white tableware?  I also love the vintage white ironstone dishes and blue depression glass.

While I am not a collector of Fiesta Ware, these bright colored dishes also come in a beautiful shade of blue that can be used in blue and white decor.

Do you love blue and white too?  Please comment on this post and share your ideas with me and other readers.


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