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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Antique Wooden Bowls

Hi everyone.

Early antique bowls made of wood were hand hewn by wood carvers using a tool called the adz.  Each bowl has an individual character created by the wood carver and by the person who used the bowl for many years.  Wooden bowls may have a lot of chopping marks on the inside and often show a lot of wear from decades of use in the home. 

I found small and medium sized round wooden bowls when my sister and I were antiquing recently.

Antique wooden bowls can easily blend with any more modern decor.  They come in all sizes and have many potential uses as varied as your imagined uses of any containter.  My mother had an antique burl bowl.  A burl is a large protrusion on the trunk of a tree or the wood cut from such a protrusion.  Mom often used her burl bowl as a container for a centerpiece on the dining room table. 

I created a very simple centerpiece with the medium sized wooden bowl I bought and a collection of balls I bought at Michaels craft store.

You could also use a collection of large wooden bowls as containers on shelves instead of, or along with, baskets.

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