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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trip to Pocono Peddlers Village Antique Mall


While I always enjoy shopping for antiques, today was an extra special expedition because my sister went with me!  Not far from where she lives in the Poconos, we spent a couple of hours wandering through the Pocono Peddlers Village Antique Mall.  I picked my sister up in my brand new Toyota RAV4 and we had a nice chat on the way.  While we wandered through this antique mall we had similar tendencies to look at things our mother had in her home and to see how much they cost.  This was my first trip to this antique center and I really like it.  All of the booths have quality antiques and collectibles.  While some pieces we considered expensive, others were very reasonable.  Today there was a sale with 10% off in all booths, and some booths offered 15% or 20% off.  I got a few great deals on items for my booth at Rosebush Antiques in Langhorne, PA.

The Pocono Peddlers Village Antique Mall is open year-round, 7 days a week, from 10am - 5pm.  It is on Route 611 in Tannersville, PA.  There are three large buildings, now interconnected, housing over 100 dealers of antiques and collectibles.  They claim to have the largest selection of quality antiques in Northeastern PA.

By now you are probably wondering what deals I got today.  First I found an antique child's snow sled in excellent condition.  This will be terrific for the Christmas season.

I also found a beautifully refinished oak dresser with three drawers.

To go with an oak desk I previously bought, I got a caned seat oak chair with a carved back.

I also got a pair of oak dining chairs with cane seats.

Some of the smaller items I got include a shelf with a rod for hanging things, two wooden bowls and a yelloware bowl.

After shopping, we had homemade chicken salad for lunch at my sister's house and another chat.  After a few hugs and kisses I was on my way home again, about an hour and a half drive.  As my Dad always said, "home again, home again, jiggety jig."

If you make the trek to the Pocono Peddlers Village Antique Mall, I know you will enjoy it too.  Please comment on your thoughts on this post and topics of interest for future posts.

Sincerely, Lynn


  1. I had a blast checking out the antiques with you Lynn! I have a few more places we need to get to also!

  2. Sounds like it was fun! Count me in next time :-)

  3. BTW........ LOVE the small sled!!! Can't wait for Christmas!