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Monday, October 4, 2010

Unique Wall Art


Purchasing new art for your home, even prints, can be very expensive.  I prefer the lower cost and the unique look of antique items for some of my wall art.  With a little imagination it is easy to create unique art.

In this picture, my sister has used an antique quilt humg on the wall from a shelf with a rod.  She displays other antique items on the shelf.  I think it looks terrific and it brings a lot of color into the room.

In this picture, an antique frame is used to highlight an original pastel drawing of me that my mother had done when I was a child.  You can easily find antique frames at flea markets and antique malls to frame your own family photographs or your own art or your child's art work.

Many different types of items can be used as artwork and placed either alone or in groupings on the wall.  In my hallway, I have a copper "theme" going on and I used these copper antique items on the wall.

In my kitchen I have a blue and white theme.  I used a grouping of flow blue plates over the window and a grouping of graniteware on another wall.

Many of us have inherited crocheted doilies.  If you did not, they are easily found at flea markets.  I used this crocheted doily as art for my bedroom.  I am planning to get a great antique frame to replace the modern frame I used.

Antique items can also be used as art over a fireplace as seen with this antique star.  You might consider hanging something like this on an exterior wall too.

As you have seen, if you use a little imagination, you can create really unique pieces of art for your home.

Please comment to let me and other readers know how you have used antique items as wall art.


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