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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Colors Shining Through

Hi everyone.

Fall is my favorite season of the year.  I love the gorgeous colors of the tree leaves, the cooler temperatures, wearing sweaters, and the chance to be outdoors before winter is upon us.

I also love the fall pansies.

Fall is also a fun time to decorate the house for a festive fall and Thanksgiving!

Today I want to share a few ideas for fall decorating with your blend of antiques and more modern household furnishings.

A wreath on your front door is a classic decorating idea, not just to be used during the Christmas holidays.  Here is a grapevine wreath I made with artificial leaves, berries and flowers I bought at Michaels and A.C. Moore.

Small touches of fall add interest anywhere in the home, such as the ruby glass vase of flowers on this antique oak desk and the cinnamon colored throw over the back of the caned seat chair.

Remember to add fall touches to the bathroom for guests visiting your home too.  A simple vase of flowers or small candle and wreath look great on the counter.  This antique ironstone cream pitcher makes a beautiful small flower vase.

This red votive candle looks terrific displayed on an antique ironstone butter pat dish with a wreath made of glass beads in coordinating red and gold colors.

The table centerpiece for the dining room is a traditional fall decorating theme.  Use your imagination for the container for the centerpiece!  Do you have an antique wooden bowl?  An antique yellowware bowl?  An antique ironstone platter or bowl?  What about a large antique wooden carpenter's box?  Depending on the size of your table, there are many options to blend an antique vessel with a more modern table setting.  I saw a photo on another blog where the author had used an old oil can as a flower vase and it looked wonderful.

There are also so many variations on potential contents of your centerpiece.  You might use traditional flowers or a pillar candle, but why not try something different either instead of or in addition to the flowers or candle.  Do you have any of these in your neighborhood: pine cones, large walnuts in the beautiful green shells or acorns?  You could cut sprigs from a fiery burning bush and they will keep in water for a couple of days.

Vines are also a great way to showcase your antiques or your modern decor.  Check out the floral sections at A.C. Moore, Michael's or your local craft store and see what they have.

Please comment on this post to share your ideas for using fall colors with me and other readers.  Tell your friends to check out this blog too at .


Have a festive fall!

Sincerely, Lynn

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