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Monday, October 11, 2010

Displaying Small Antiques and Collectibles


All of us who are interested in antiques have small items we have collected.  There are as many ways to display these items in our homes as there are collectors.  I thought I would share a few ideas and I would love to hear how you display your small antiques and collectibles.  I can always use new ideas and I am sure other readers can too.

The Old Standby

The most common way people display small items is on a shelf, duh!  This does not have to be a boring display, though.  There are numerous types of shelves available.  Also, there are a wide variety of ways to arrange items on a shelf.  Designers typically recommend grouping like items together in odd numbers.  However, a sharp contrast will also grab attention to the display.

This shelf displays ruby depression glass vases and a bowl with colorful berries and flowers of the fall season.

Any Flat Surface Will Work

You can also display small items on the dining room table, end table, coffee table, night stand, bureau, washstand, counter, etc.  You already know this, but again, try to make it interesting and not just the typical type of display.  There are many great ideas in decorating magazines.  It just takes a little more effort to make the display exciting.  My sister is REALLY good at this!  As the old saying goes, practice makes perftect.

On this end table is a small display of yelloware, a beautiful pitcher and a small bowl.  The Halloween seasonal accents make the display so much more interesting.  The carved pumpkin was handcrafted by my sister and brother-in-law and will soon be available in my booth at Rosebush Antiques in Langhorne, PA.  A display such as this can also easily transition into Thanksgiving season.

This dining room table display is set for dinner for two with the centerpiece arrangement featuring a blue and yellow sponsgeware bowl and decorated for the fall season.  A brown antique bottle is used as a flower vase.

The Other Standby

The china closet and curio cabinet have been around for ages.  These remain terrific ways to display breakable collectibles (and decrease the need for dusting, ha ha!).  We can all think about how to arrange items within these cabinets, combining the old with the new, with a craft, etc.  This will make these cabinets more interesting to look at.  Also, periodically rearrange the items in the cabinets!  Add details specific to the season of the year or the upcoming holiday!  This is a typical china closet loaded with breakable collectibles, but how can you make a china closet look more interesting?

This china closet has my great grandmother's china set, but also has pops of color for the season.

What have YOU done to make your antique displays interesting?  I would love more ideas, so please comment on this post.

Sincerely, Lynn

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  1. The fall gourds, flowers, and pumpkins add such a homey touch to bare wood antiques. Your displays are beautiful! September through Christmas is my favorite "season", and a lot of it has to do with the fall colors, and warm candles and lights that follow for the holidays. Looking forward to your holiday posts!