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Friday, October 29, 2010

Antiques I Remember


It is almost Halloween.  I am looking forward to the Halloween party at the dance studio I go to - costumes, of course.  Also, I am looking forward to seeing what all the neighborhood children's costumes are.

Last night I was thinking back to visiting my grandmother and all the antiques she had in her home.  Reminiscing was fun.  I remember that she had a beautiful old china closet in the front room of her house.  Is it any wonder that the oak china closet I bought recently to house my great grandmother's china is very much like the one she had?

I do not have a picture of her china closet, but this is mine.

I also remember my mother's blanket chest being in the attic when we lived on the farm in Pennsylvania.  It was filled with all kinds of really old clothes - a treasure trove when my sisters and I were looking for Halloween costumes!  I recall my Dad's marine uniform, a pilgrim style dress, complete with a bonnet, a baseball uniform, a "poodle" style skirt and twinset, to name a few.

Mom passed the blanket chest on to me and I use it for storage of many things too.

When I opened the blanket chest to take a picture of the inside, wow, did that cedar Dad put on the inside smell good!  And so many years later too!

I also remember when I was a teen and my grandmother gave me an old trunk she had.  It was in bad shape and I refinished it and replaced the leather strap handles.  Years later when I was an adult and was allowed to explore her attic, I found the tray insert to the trunk she had given me.

Please comment to share some of your stories of "I remember when..."  I would love to read them and so would other readers.


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  1. I have an old trunk in my attic filled with the same old (vintage) clothes that my brother and I used for Halloween and my girlfriends and I used to play "dress-up". My kids' Halloween costumes have now been added to the mix as well. I still love to look through the trunk, smelling the cedar lining, and refolding all the clothes.